How to Move Her Towards a Mind-Blowing Orgasm

By John Alexander


To become a master at oral sex technique, imagine your tongue is no longer a tongue. Imagine it’s turned into your index finger, so that way you’ll press more firmly with it than you normally would with your tongue. As a woman’s pleasure increases, often she’ll feel like she wants something inside her.

So, put your pointer finger inside her. It rockets a woman’s pleasure to the moon when you stroke her finger bang her at the same time your tongue is enjoying her clit. But don't do this by simply poking your finger in and out the way they do it in porn movies. Instead stroke her female g spot, which you’ll find on her front wall, about one inch above her vaginal opening.

Start to finger bang her as her clitoral stimulation increases. Read the section on G-Spot stimulation for more details, but basically you should start out soft with her G-Spot, moving your finger all around as you’re eating her pussy, and then become firmer and focus directly on the squishy tissue of her G-Spot. Don’t just jam your fingers into her vagina.

Tip: Always make sure your fingernails are clipped short and smooth. If you slice her from the inside with a sharp fingernail, she will become sore, and the last thing you want is for your woman to associate soreness with your touch. Another top: This thing you’re putting in her not only has a fingernail, but it’s also made of bone… which makes it much harder than a penis. So be gentle, as you move her not only toward a perfect orgasm but toward multiple orgasms.

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